Results of Panel Hearing for C66

The panel report is now available on Council’s website. Council will consider at a future public meeting, possibly 10th December.  Key findings include:

  • The panel supported growth in the area 1km west of Duffields Road and recommended this be rezoned as Urban Growth Zone via a ministerial amendment
  • The panel placed great weight on the previous strategic work from 1980 until 2009 that suggested growth in the Spring Creek Valley
  • The panel questioned proposals to accommodate residential growth around Messmate Road and to the north-east of Torquay
  • The panel suggested that land in the Spring Creek Valley more than 1km west of Duffields Road be investigated to confirm the size and form of a green break to Bellbrae and consideration of further urban development in the valley outside the green break at appropriate densities.
  • The panel supported and commended Council’s neighbourhood character study and controls, which seek to preserve and promote the amenity and character of the area
  • The panel supported the overall retail strategy, including the rezoning of land for a shopping centre in Torquay North
  • The panel supported the Torquay North Outline Development Plan, which caters for growth in Torquay North.

Under the process for amending planning schemes in Victoria, Council can now elect to adopt all, none or some of the panel’s recommendations into C66 before sending it to the Minister for Planning for final approval; or abandon the amendment altogether.