Statement of Purpose for 3228 Residents Association

  • The 3228 Residents Association will foster meaningful relationships with all levels of government with the intent of advocating for the best outcomes for the 3228 community.
  • To provide an interface between the Surf Coast Shire and the residents of 3228 with the intent of fostering quality community consultation processes.
  • To advocate on behalf of the residents of the 3228 community to ensure high quality service delivery of all standard local government services.
  • To work to ensure that rates are kept to a minimum and that special charge schemes are only utilized when the community affected agrees to the process.
  • To work to ensure transparency and accountability in the governance and decision making within the Surf Coast Shire.
  • To identify those policies in the Surf Coast Shire that are unclear or not easily understood and work with the shire to provide clarity in all policy description.
  • To identify deficiencies in policy in areas which could affect the safety, health and wellbeing of the community.

Area we cover

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We operate under the Model Rules for an Incorporated Association as per the Consumer Affairs Victoria Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. You can view these rules here . 

Our official name is: 3228 Residents Association Incorporated

Our Registered Number is – A0058442K



President  - Andrew Cherubin

Vice President – Neil Campbell

Treasurer – Samala Bouvier

Secretary –Sue O’Shanassy

Committee - Lulu Glendenning, Ann Cutts, Melissa Baranski Taylor, Julia Gutbrod.