Update on current planning issues


There will be a special council meeting on Tuesday 13th August at 6.00pm to vote on a recommendation


To consider a progress report in relation to the Amendment C66 Panel Hearing, and seek Council’s instructions in relation to the following:

1. Does Council intend to make a submission to the Panel in respect of the appropriate zoning for the 1km west land?

2. If so, what does Council say is the appropriate zoning?

Coles Supermarket

An application for a planning permit was recently on display and open to submission for comment/objection.  We are waiting to hear if the planning committee will refer the application to councilors to hear oral submissions. Because of the current zoning, council cannot stop a supermarket on the site but it can try to influence the conditions under which it operates.

The Sands

A public meeting, for effected land holders, was held at the Sands on Sunday 11th August to hear from representatives from the Handbury Group and a council planning officer about the proposed planning Scheme amendment that allow the current hotel facility to be used as an aged care facility.

The Amendment will go on exhibition on  22nd August for a period of 6 weeks. Council will put more information on their website to assist in the filling out of objection/support forms.