Hearing of submissions re 85 Torquay Blvd public land sale

The Hearing of Submissions Committee will meet on Tuesday 11 the February at 6.30pm to hear from those people who have written submissions and indicated that they wish to be heard. The meeting is open to the public and will be held at the Council Chambers.

3228RA will be making a presentation to support our submission.

22nd January 2014


The Surf Coast Shire

1 Merrijig  Drive


Re: Reserve No. 1 on LP 55354 – Notice of Intention to sell Council Land

Dear Sir/Madam

In response to the Notice of Intention to sell Council Land in the Surf Coast Times (Page 2), the 3228 Residents Association Inc. would like to formally object to the rezoning and the intended subsequent sale of the land at 85 Torquay Boulevade to the adjoining owner of 81 Torquay Boulevade.

On the 8th January 2014 an email was sent to the Mayor and the CEO(see attached) expressing our concerns about the sale and the process by which this rezoning/sale was being undertaken. There were several questions to which we required answers. To date, we have not received a reply.

We have three main concerns:

  • The sale of the land will not benefit the community and in fact will reward a property owner for illegally encroaching onto public open space. They have knowingly constructed a deck and part a bungalow on land they do not own and in doing so have also obstructed the sewer line.

  • The sale price at which the land is to be offered is grossly inadequate.

  • The process thus far has not conformed to the Local Government Best Practice Guideline For The Sale, Exchange& Transfer of Land. June 2009. The fact that the council resolution of 23rd July 2014 was held “in camera” and not listed on the Agenda for the meeting is also of great concern.

    We also wish to be heard at any future Hearing of Submissions Committee meeting and will further expand our objections and concerns.

    Regards... 3228RA Inc

We(the committee) still have had no response to our concerns about the sale and the process by which it is being conducted.