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Dear Andrew 
I was disappointed and angered today to learn that Minister Guy has chosen to interfere in the democratic process that usually governs a planning scheme amendment.
His Amendment C095 to the Surf Coast Planning Scheme, which rezones the land 1kl west of Duffields Rd in Torquay to Urban Growth Zone, is against the council resolution to the return the town boundary to Duffields Rd (C66) and more importantly it is against the community’s wishes. In July 2011 he stated that he would listen to the community – he has now reneged.
The most disturbing thing is that as our local State government representative you have ignored the community and have not stood up for or represented our views. Your inaction shows a total disregard and lack of support for the large community of Torquay/ Jan Juc/Bellbrae. I expect they will show you the same lack of support at the upcoming election.
We won’t forget.
Sue O’Shanassy


Dear Sue

I acknowledge your email and note your objection.  However the government has agreed with the independent Planning Panel recommendation to retain the Torquay –Jan Juc settlement boundary at 1km west of Duffields Road.  The land has been zoned within that boundary to give certainty for Council’s future growth plans in Torquay –Jan Juc, not just for expanding outwards, but also for the growth of the town centre and local businesses.

Please be assured that we have also ensured that local planning policy will preserve a permanent green break between Bellbrae and Torquay –Jan Juc. Council can now move forward with long-term strategies to preserve that landscape break in the Spring Creek Valley between the towns.

The Urban Growth Zone requires comprehensive structure planning and takes into account local needs. Densities within this area will be lower than those found in other recent developments such as Armstrong Creek, to ensure that the relaxed lifestyle of Torquay –Jan Juc remains a focus.

kind regards