Our First Public Meeting

Our first public meeting on the 26th March was attended by the Mayor Rose Hodge and the CEO Steve Wall. We thank them for attending and giving their time out of hours.

There was lively discussion with many issues raised by the audience including:

 What is happening with Bob Pettit Reserve? - The council is still in negotiations with the government and hope to have a resolution to put to the next council meeting in April.

Traffic in Bristol Rd and the intersection with Surfcoast Highway - increased traffic because of Coles; how can it be made more safe? It is proposed that traffic, apart from buses, will not be allowed to turn right out of Bristol Rd into the Surfcoast Highway. As large buses seem to be part of the problem in Bristol Rd, we are not sure this will alleviate the problem.

One member raised concerns about the lack of progress reports from the Surf Coast Shire on topics such as Climate Change and Disability .

Dogs - where they can and can't go at what times - still a controversial subject!

Spring Creek - where to from here? After the decision by the Planning Minister to rezone the 1kl west of Duffields Road to Residential the SCS council has promised that residents will have a say on how the area is developed through a consultation process.

We hope to have more public meetings where residents can ask questions of councilors and council officers about issues that effect them.