Coles supermarket update

At its meeting on 22nd October 2013, Council issued a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit, subject to conditions, to Coles for the new supermarket development in Bristol Rd. There had been several objections to the application in particular about the increased traffic and its effect on residents in Bristol Rd.

The conditions included  -" A design of a treatment to the intersection of Bristol Rd and Geelong Rd to restrict right hand turns into Bristol Rd from Geelong Rd and increase a lane in Bristol Rd at the intersection."

Coles is now taking the Surf Coast Shire to VCAT to have the above condition ( and 2 others)  removed from the permit.

One of our members is a resident of Bristol Rd (in close proximity to the new proposed entry) and has asked to be heard at the VCAT hearing. Mediation is now underway and if a suitable outcome cannot be agreed the matter will proceed to a hearing on March 20th.

Since being granted the permit for the redevelopment Coles has also applied for a permit to use part of their development for the sale of liquor - a Liquorland - which will be able to operate until 11.00pm. The residents feel this will further increase the traffic and associated noise.

Council has long held (since 2006) the view that traffic lights should be installed at Beach Rd and Zeally Bay Rd and the intersection at Bristol Rd should have restrictions on traffic flow by closing the median strip on the Surf Coast Highway. This is opposed by the bus company who says they need to service Torquay Central. The residents feel the buses are a big part of the problem because the street isn't wide enough.

There is no doubt that the intersection of Bristol rd and Surf Coast Highway needs attention, especially with the confusion caused by traffic exiting the petrol station.

What do you think?

 -Should the traffic flow into/out of Bristol Rd be restricted?

-Would closing off the median strip solve the problem?

-Would making Bristol Rd one way solve the problem?

-Would it be safer for the buses to travel down Zeally Bay Rd?

-How many people use the buses to do their shopping?

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