Letter from the Minister for Local Government

The 3228 Residents Association has received a response to the email we sent on 16/12014 to Andrew Katos and several other politicians including the Premier. A copy of the email -

"Dear Andrew

The government’s intention to sell the Bob Pettit Reserve in Jan Juc which includes tennis courts, extensive playgrounds and a pavilion that is used by the Jan Juc Tennis Club, the Jan Juc Cricket Club, the Jan Juc Playgroup and the wider community as a meeting place has caused a lot of distress and anger in the community. The reserve is also Jan Juc’s only “place of last resort” in the event of bushfire, which is particularly relevant with increasingly extreme weather events such as we are currently experiencing.

On Friday 9th January, a journalist from the Geelong Advertiser rang me, as Secretary of the 3228 Resident’s Association, to ask for comment on the sale of Bob Pettit Reserve. I was shocked to hear that the government was asking the Surf Coast Shire to pay $4 million. I had to tell the journalist that we knew no details of a sale until her phone call. A concerned member did approach our President just after Christmas. A client of the member had told them the land may be sold but had no details.  It is unfortunate that yourself and the government chose not to consult with the stakeholders(the community) and we had to find out about the sale from a journalist.

Since the article was published many people have expressed disbelief that the government (who has just pledged to provide $338 million to upgrade the Melbourne Tennis Centre) intends to sell our tennis courts and associated infrastructure. There has also been some comments that the timing of this process is to take the community’s attention from the very important decision about the C66 Amendment to the Surf Coast Planning. I certainly hope that is not the case.

The Bob Pettit Reserve is vital to the health and wellbeing of the Jan Juc residents, the wider community and for the enjoyment of tourists to our area. We understand that you are heavily involved in the process and expect that our community will not be disadvantaged in any way by the outcome.