Gas supply shortages strikes again!

In the past couple of weeks many residents have been complaining about the lack of adequate gas supply to their property which has resulted in no hot water, no heating or both. I don't recall that this has ever been a problem in the past.

Our community need some answers as to why a service, for which we pay a service fee,  is not being provided.

It seems that the inability to provide an adequate gas supply is now another downside of the rapid growth that we have endured over recent years. While the government thinks it is important to provide land for those people who may want to live here in the future, they haven't ensured that the existing community are not disadvantaged by the lack of adequate services.

Who is responsible for ensuring that the necessary infrastructure is in place to support our town as a designated "growth node"?

Should the release of more land be delayed until all existing properties can be guaranteed that all services can supplied at all times?