We asked SP Ausnet why our gas supply isn't coping with demand

The committee has asked SP Ausnet the following questions about the recent gas outages in Torquay and Jan Juc -

"What is the reason that gas supplies are experiencing shortages in Torquay / Jan Juc?

What is the expected reliability in the future and when will that reliability be guaranteed?

What level of demand is catered for - 100% expected peak demand or less? If less what is the figure and how does that compare to cities like Melbourne and Geelong?

Is Ausnet Services asked its opinion by council on gas supply when a residential development is proposed?

If yes, what has been the response by Ausnet Services to those requests for comments on residential development proposals and how do those responses relate to the current shortages?

Has council ignored any recommendations made by Ausnet Services relating to residential developments in the last ten years that would have contributed to the gas supply shortages?

 As the community of Torquay is looking for answers to the above questions, your immediate response would be appreciated."

 This is the reply below which we feel is less than adequate and doesn't actually answer the questions put.

"Thank you for your email.

 Ausnet Services are experiencing exceptionally high demand on the gas distribution network that has the potential to result in customer outages.

 We are currently doing everything in our control to maintain supply to our customers and working through the approval process to build a secondary high pressure gas supply from Geelong into the Torquay region in the next 12 months.

 This will provide an alternate high pressure supply to strengthen the network and cater for the growing population in the Torquay area.

 We apologise for the interruptions  and inconvenience this has caused."

Our return email -" Is it possible that you could answer the specific questions in my original email below? If you fail to do so I will be forced to take the matter to the energy ombudsman."