Helipad Decision Delayed

The application for a Helipad on a property in Commbes Road has been deferred.

From the council Minutes: An application has been received to allow the use of the land as a helicopter landing and departure site to accommodate three helicopters. There are no buildings and works proposed as the helicopters are able to depart and land from the existing concrete pad adjacent to the existing shed/hanger. The application underwent notification in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Forty eight objections and one submission in support being received.

Key issues included:  Helicopters used for commercial use  Number and frequency of movements  Noise – disturbance to residents  Breach of privacy  Safety issues  Disturbance to the environment (animals/farming production/water quality)  Urbanisation of the rural area  Use of Torquay airport as an alternative  The use of the site for emergency and agricultural purposes  Hours of operation. 

Decision: On the third different motion there was a resolution - 

Council Resolution MOVED Cr Margot Smith, Seconded Cr Libby Coker That Council decides to defer its decision on planning application No. 17/0376 to enable further information to be provided and to consider this application at the next ordinary meeting.