Proposed 48 Unit Development on The esplanade, Torquay

A proposed development on the Esplanade opposite Fisho’s looks very large. Plans show 48 units, over 4 allotments and over 3 levels above natural ground. 

The committee of 3228RA is concerned that the proposal does not conform with the Surf Coast Shire Planning Scheme. 

A summary of non-conformity is given below.

·         Height above 7.5 metres and not justified against the guidelines.

·         Higher density than intended for Housing Area 2 and more aligned with Housing Area 1              which is located south of Beach Road. The proposed site is north of Beach road.

·         The site has high visual impact from the street and from the foreshore.

·         The proposal has low permeability, in both site coverage and in visual amenity from the              street and foreshore.

·         Low architectural articulation and appears ‘massive’, ‘bulky’ and ‘boxy’ which does not                fit with the design guidelines for this location.

If you are concerned about any aspect of this development you have until until May 4th to send a submission. You can check the plans and fill in a submission form by following the link  -